Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update to Promising Practices Reflection

I found it difficult to connect any of the theories we have discussed in class to the opening speech between the panel of the six judges. I thought there was too much content discussed to figure out if there were Delpit or Johnson or any other theories because it was very difficult to pay attention for length of this speech. The language they had used in certain sections was hard to decipher while listening as they continued on. 

However one of the sessions i attended was about Anti Bullying, reflecting back on the content stated i
 realized it had a Delpit basis. The importance to explicitly explain the rules and codes of power. Both of the speakers explicitly stated that bullying needs to stop because of the emotional and physical affect it has on young people. For example these speakers took the time within their teaching schedule to make time so they could teach their students how bullying hurts. These teachers used their advisory time on a weekly basis. Where they first started small by gavin each student around the room stating a personal aspect about themselves. Over time the students could explicitly state that "I like the color pink" or I think i like girls" and feel a little more comfortable saying that in a public space. 

Another session i attended was about the geared towards the importance of having arts in schools. The speaker spoke about her personal story of incorporating art in school systems. I believe that Rodriguez's theory of sacrificing private identity for public identity shone through because because the speaker stated that all students have a story to tell through an artistic way such as dancing or painting or even writing. The students that lose out on these artistic opportunities to use their  use their creative juices is cut so it forces those students to lose a part of their private identity to only a gain a public identity. The percentage of elementary schools that offer artistic classes had dropped from 87% to 83%. It is horrible because no children should be told they do not have an opportunity to dance or sing because that could be a significant part of themselves. No has a right to shut down someone's artistic ability because it is always a part of them so why should they suffer by lacking any artistic opportunities. If someone told me that they were going to try to cut a dance class i was taking i would make a stand because i simply cannot go out with dance. It affects my whole life because through dance i gained self confidence and discipline which has pushed so far in my life. Art does more than paint beautiful dances or pretty pictures it even can save people from dangerous paths in life.  For example, the president of the National Art Education Association said that "I found out who i was because i was able to explore my identity in the visual arts."

If there was more Deplit and Rodriguez moments in our world it would be much more colorful. The atmosphere would drastically alter  because people would be able to be comfortable being themselves.

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